From a Cold Store in an Apartment to Building Nigeria’s First Craft Brewery with Bature Brewery

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From a cold store in an apartment that leaked into his neighbour’s flat below to building a second larger brewery in Lagos, Kevin Bature and co-founder James Turley set up Nigeria’s first craft brewery, Bature Brewery.

With a vision to produce high quality beers in West Africa, Bature Brewery is a cross pollination of international ownership and is working towards giving its dedicated team of brewers and employees part ownership in the company.

Bature Brewery has a deep commitment to Nigeria and its vast potential that explores every opportunity to show the possibilities of doing business in Nigeria, ethically, transparently and successfully.

Having befriended Kevin earlier this year and worked on a project with him and fellow entrepreneur Emeka Eluemunor, I became fascinated with the story and journey Bature Brewery have been on over the last several years.

Kevin and I caught up prior to Christmas 2020 to talk about why he relocated to Nigeria 11 years ago and committed to the country; how he and James set up and grew the brewery; the many challenges being a small brewery in Nigeria; and the impact craft beer and other artisanal businesses are having in West Africa.

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