Beer Art & Branding Lewy Lewy on Beer Illustrations


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Hailing from Barnsley, South Yorkshire (UK), beer illustrator and artist Lewy Lewy discusses what it takes to create bespoke artwork for craft breweries in this week’s episode of the Hop Forward Podcast.

Having undertaken an art degree in Birmingham, Lewis Ryan moved into a role as a creative director for a marketing firm before realising his passion lay with illustrating for breweries and musicians.

Lewy took the jump by creating a stunning portfolio of work and connecting with breweries through Brew Dog’s bars, getting his first big break with Sheffield’s Abbeydale Brewery.

Since then, his designs have become hot property, working with companies such as London’s Hammerton Brewery and Rock Leopard, as well as Oslo based brewery, Amundsen Bryggeri .

If you’ve never encountered his artwork before, head over to and check out his rough sketches below…

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