90% Cleaning, 10% Paperwork Brewery Hygiene and Biofilms with Paul Browning

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The old adage goes that brewing is 90% cleaning, 10% paperwork. While, strictly speaking, that may not be totally true, like all sayings, there’s an element of truth hidden within when it comes to brewery cleaning.

Brewer’s spend vast amounts of time cleaning vessels, packaging lines, containers and just about anything that comes into contact with wort and beer.

And all with very good reason…!

Lurking between those heat exchanger plates, elbows, valves, and just about anywhere that’s everywhere, is a world of microbiology – wild yeasts – all hungry for a sugary feast to multiply and rock their world.

Biofilms: A Hidden Danger

But it doesn’t stop there. Within your brewhouse are biofilms: a thin but robust layer of mucilage clinging to a solid surface containing a community of beer spoilage microorganisms.

In this episode of the Hop Forward Podcast, we were invited to sit down with Paul Browning – an independent hygiene consultant to NichesolutionsGB, amongst other food and beverage companies – to chat about why brewery hygiene is essential to your beer business.

The episode this week contains some deep cuts into the world of microbiology, so make sure you grab a pen and paper, and take notes!

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