Shiny Hoppy People Brewery Vessels and Equipment with James & Venks from SSV Limited

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Is there anything more alluring to a brewer than shiny stainless steel? We think not! But where should you start when looking to purchase equipment or upgrade your existing brewhouse?

Should you go steam powered, direct gas fired, or electric? Do you go RTJ, Tri-camp or DIN? And what are the essentials you need to include in your budget and the nice-to-haves you can live without for a while?

While costing up brewery essentials may seem like a minefield – let alone installing it in that railway arch! – it need not be.

This week, we talk to commissioning brewers James Campbell (formerly Marble and Cloudwater) and Venkatesh Iyer (ex-Leeds Brewery) of SSV Limited all about brewery vessels and equipment for you and your brewhouse.

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