Brokering the Brew from a Custard Factory with Daniel Rowntree from BrewBroker

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BrewBroker are a company that connects brewers to breweries, brands to beers within the global marketplace.

Whereas contract brewing once had – and some would argue, still does – a stigma attached to it, many brands and breweries are turning to resources much larger than their own to have their beers brewed on their behalf.

For many breweries with spare capacity, it also offers a good opportunity to maximise potential and generate income rather than allowing tanks to remain idle. Though some may hold onto the courage of their convictions to roll up their sleeves and don their Marigolds for themselves, others are perfectly happy to have someone mash in for them.

This week, we talk to Daniel Rowntree from BrewBroker to discuss how their company is helping unite the beer industry and fill the need, wherever it is found, through contract brewing and white labelling.

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