It’s Cask Ale Week…! with Frances Brace

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This week sees the return of Cask Ale Week: an initiative set up by independent award body for pubs serving great quality cask beer: Cask Marque.

In this week’s episode, guest Frances Brace and host Nick Law discuss why cask beer is important to the general community, why cask beer should be treated like a speciality product and why, in her opinion, landlords should be charging more for it.

Director of Red Flame Communications, Frances  specialises in pub, beer and food ingredient industries.

With over 20 years in beer and pub industry including head of comms for Greene King and the only woman on Cask Marque board in its 20 years, Frances Brace is a lover of beer; seeker of stories; connector of threads; advocate for manufacturing in general and brewing in particular; believer in weight of words and power of pictures; and a insightful PR strategist with ability to influence change and make things happen.

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