What is the Deposit Return Scheme? Discussions at Beer X with SIBA, Ride Brew Co and Loch Leven Brewery

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What is the deposit return scheme? On this week's episode of the Hop Forward Podcast, recorded in March at Beer X, we discuss with SIBA Head of Public Affairs, Barry Watts, and Scottish brewers Ride Brew Co and Loch Leven Brewery about how the proposed Deposit Return Scheme will affect brewers from across the country.

While the focus and emphasis for the industry and the wider world is fixed upon dealing with the COVID19 outbreak, a larger emergency is looming over the face of the earth: climate change.

If action isn't taken, the global impacts of climate change will overshadow a health pandemic, dwarfing it in terms of impact and day-to-day living.

The Deposit Return Scheme is one of the many ways in which the UK government seeks to encourage recycling on a wider scale. But who is truly impacted here? The consumer or the producer, that is liable for the additional cost and management of putting containers into the market?

A complicated and confusing topic at best, we sit down over a few beers to try to unpick the scheme, let alone the implications!

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