Emmanuales What Would Jesus Brew?

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Emmanuales have been brewing beers of Biblical proportions since 2014 A.D, spreading the good news one beer at a time.

Taking passion for brewing beer, creative perfectionism, and personal devotion to the faith, Emmanuales was aimed to be a stand-out brand within a crowded market place, appealing to craft beer drinkers - on account of the quirky, tongue-in-cheek nature of the brand - and churchgoers.

Brand Voice

Due to the nature of the Emmanuales, we were careful to give the brand a voice that was accessible to everyone, regardless of their views on religion.

We took a lighthearted approach when speaking to our customers.  Consumers were related to as 'Craft Beer Devotees', and strap lines such as, 'We're not out to force religion down people's throats - just beer!' ensured the perception wasn't that Emmanuales had a hidden agenda to 'convert' people.

The Jesus Beer

The artwork centered around the iconic picture of Jesus, welcoming consumers to the feast and also take your order at the bar.  The logo typography is meant to echo the famous 'Cheers' logo, whilst incorporating classic illustrations and line-art from old Bibles and cathedral stained glass windows.


A mono-tone and two-tone logo was developed for the use of merchandise, gift-packs, and in simpler applications.

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