Something BIG is happening in the City of Bradford with Eyes Brewing

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On the podcast this week, we talk to Dan, Pip and Lizzy from Eyes Brewery about something BIG that is brewing in Bradford:

There are some amazing beers being produced in the UK at the moment. However, not everyone gets the praise they deserve for one reason or another.

BIG is our opportunity to put that right!

BIG is a beer festival celebrating the new wave of UK craft breweries destined to grow large; we’re personally inviting breweries we believe are delivering diverse, complex, amazing beers but aren’t invited to some of the well-known festivals because, well… they’re not ‘big’ yet!

Taking place on Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd September, come and meet the brewers as they pour their beers in the recently opened EYES Haus brewery tap room, based in the heart of Bradford.

Come on down and discover your new favourite beer from a brewery you can truly say, “I knew them before they were BIG”.

Listen to Nick and Eyes Brewery talk about the forthcoming beer festival, take on the chocolate bar challenge, hear horror stories about ‘The Hell Room’ and discuss how localised beer is making a positive impact in cities like Bradford in this week’s episode of the Hop Forward Podcast

Tickets to the festival are available now! Click here to book online.

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