Glasgow’s Disability Tap Room with the Glasgow Brewery Collective

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Our senses and being able bodied is something many of us take for granted. But how would you respond if you were to lose your eyesight, hearing or a limb?

Life for you would change dramatically as the everyday things we take for granted, such as ordering a pint over the bar or navigating through your favourite brewery tap room, would suddenly become extremely challenging.

Unfortunately, this is how many people live their everyday lives. And there are a group of brewers who are passionate about beer and disabilities in Glasgow looking to do something about it…

Ride Brew Co, Late Night Hype and Bute Brew Co took up the challenge with the help of Social Enterprise Scotland to create Glasgow’s first 100% accessible tap room.

And while their crowdfunding campaign was unsuccessful (for reasons which will become apparent when listening to the podcast), the respective breweries are still looking to fund the venture out of their own pockets to realise their vision.

We talk to Div and Simon from Ride Brew Co at this year’s SIBA Beer X about the ambitious project.

For more information on the project, visit

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