How Can Breweries, Bars and Pubs Survive the Coronavirus Outbreak? with Chris Wright from the Pubs Advisory Service

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How can breweries, bars and pubs survive the Coronavirus outbreak in the United Kingdom? That’s the burning question that is on everyone’s lips at the moment.

The hospitality industry has been quick to react to Boris Johnson’s government statement urging Britons ‘to avoid pubs, clubs, restaurants and theatres and to only make essential journeys in the “national fightback” against coronavirus’.

Without closing these spaces, many have been unable to claim on their insurance, if they were ever able to at all.

And what of the supply chain? Cloudwater’s Paul Jones took to Twitter to demonstrate the sheer amount of people and hours involved in the supply chain that goes in every single pint.

On the podcast this week, we talk to Chris Wright from the Pubs Advisory Service and get Emily Heward‘s – Manchester Evening News’ food & drinks editor – take on the situation and what pubs, bars and breweries can do throughout these challenging days that lay during the COVID19 outbreak.

How to survive the COVID19 outbreak


Have a nice cold pint and wait for all this to blow over…

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