Is Small the Next BIG Thing…? Looking at the Viability of a Nano-Brewery/Brewpub Model

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This week on the Hop Forward Podcast we’re asking the question, ‘Is small the next BIG thing?’ when it comes to owning and operating a brewery.  We catch up with David Eastwood from Southsea Brewing Company and Mathew Bould from Brewis Beer Co based in Amble, UK, to talk about nano-breweries and brew-pub models as a viable alternative to large-pack production sized breweries.

In a climate where breweries are struggling to make ends meet, will we see more brew-pubs open up as keen homebrewers look to turn pro?

We ask questions about longevity and sustainability on such a small scale, how to find a suitable location, look at the advantages and disadvantages, and even whether branding plays much of a roll when you’re selling beer made in-house to customers who are attracted first and foremost to the venue and the liquid more than the branding on the beer.

Partly, these discussions were birthed out of my own research for starting an Emmanuales beer cafe, The Everlasting Arms, and business planning.  Therefore, these conversations were edited with any references to specific financial details removed.

Find out more about the breweries we talked to here:

Southsea Brewing Company

Brewis Beer Co

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