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Loxley Brewery

Loxley Brewery are a small brewery with big hopes for the future. Loxley Brewery approached us to help them develop their small pack and keg range and create a brand identity for their business that would stand out on shelves in the local area and beyond.

Behind the Branding

Loxley Brewery were keen to keep the raven image prominent in their designs.  The business owner was especially keen for a sleek, bold, contemporary look that would stand out on shelves.

With the business situated in the Loxley valley, on the edge of the Peak District, we decided to draw inspiration from both the surrounding area, wider mythology and local folklore to incorporate into the branding and narrative.

Having explored a variety concepts, we decided on using bold colour gradients, with shapes, lines and patterns to represent the river Loxley, woods, hills, valley, graveyard, and other elements associated with the area.

Names for beers are intentionally kept to one side of the label, encouraging customers to pick up the bottle and engage with the design, name and text, which includes a short creative yarn loosely based on legends and folklore from Sheffield's darker past.

As the logo itself has a harrowing feel about it, we chose some of the more unsavory characters in local history to focus on, such as the murder of Mary Revil, and Dale Dyke dam engineer John Gunson.

Brewery Consultancy

From Development to Delivery

Bespoke illustration for Loxley Brewery's beer festival, digitally drawn by us in Adobe Illustrator.

We helped with the the entire process - from development to delivery - working with Head Brewer, David Woodhead and the team to advise the brewery on the best course of action to move to small pack, including equipment required, quality assurance and procedures, market positioning and product design.

Visit www.loxleybrewery.co.uk for more details.

© 2019 Loxley Brewery.  All brand rights reserved are to Loxley Brewery who have permitted Hop Forward to use the rights in Loxley Brewery designs and trademarks for portfolio purposes only.

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