Malt & Malt Extracts: Practical Insights for You and Your Brewhouse with the Muntons Malt team

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Recently, we’ve been paying more attention to brewing practises, especially in the content of these shows.  In addition to Ali Capper from the British Hop Association, talking about the flight of farmers ,and Bill McFarland from Omega Yeast, who shared some of his fermentation practises with a focus on the Kveik strain, this week I took the opportunity to talk to the team from Munton’s Malt to talk about malting and using malt extracts.

We look the journey of malt from grain to glass, how malt is selected or rejected from the harvest; we investigate the importance and difference between technical data sheets and certificates of analysis; and we chat at length about malt extracts and probe the myth about the ‘malt extract tang’ that many home brewers in particular endlessly debate on forums.