Why Omega Yeast’s Bill McFarland Swears by Kveik…!

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On the podcast this week, we talk to Omega Yeast‘s Bill McFarland about all things fermentation and supporting brewers with their yeast requirements.

We focus in particular on brewing lagers, imperial stouts and hazy IPAs, in which Bill McFarland suggests that Kveik yeast may be the secret weapon in your brewery’s arsenal.

Omega Yeast are based in both Chicago and St Louis and are made up of a dedicated crew of microbiologists, homebrewers, professional brew stuff and craft beer fans who have made it their express purpose to make brewing easier and better for everyone.

In the interests of transparency, this episode isn’t sponsored by Omega Yeast, nor is it a paid supplier spotlight.  A while back, we reached out to our friends on Craft Beer Professionals for some suggested guests from the USA and Bill’s name came up several times, so we hopped on a call and started chatting.