The Sheffield Brewery Company The Hallmark of a Perfect Pint

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The Sheffield Brewery Company are an award winning brewery, producing cask real ales since 2006.

In 2015, The Sheffield Brewery Company wanted a fresh look for their website. We suggested a refresh of their brand would have a much bigger impact on their potential audience.

Behind the Branding

We drew inspiration for the rebrand from the building The Sheffield Brewery Company is housed in - an old Victorian polish factory.  The result tells the unique story of a business with a cornerstone laid in the past with a quality that will endure well into the future.

Drawing upon beer memorabilia adorning on the walls and reclaimed tap room bar, we wanted to give a timeless, classic look with a modern twist that would age well.

Website & Social Media

Giving the Brewery More Visibility

We replaced the existing website and developed a social media marketing strategy to make the brewery more visible, attracting an ever increasing amount of people to the on-site Brewery Tap Room through establishing a strong online presence.

The persistence and marketing paid off as more and more people discovered the brewery, with increased awareness leading to increased footfall, bar sales and profit.

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© 2018 The Sheffield Brewery Company.  All brand rights reserved are to The Sheffield Brewery Company who have permitted Hop Forward to use the rights in The Sheffield Brewery Company designs and trademarks for portfolio purposes only.

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