Unity Brewing Co Four Years and Four Beers

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This week we turn our attention to Southampton’s Unity Brewing Co, who recently celebrated their fourth birthday this October past with the release of a special four-pack of collaboration beers.

Unity is a 20 hectolitre craft brewery known for its modern, hop-forward craft beer including Conflux Pale Ale and Collision IPA.

In the past 12 months the team have expanded into larger premises, taken delivery of their own in house canning line and have recently launched a side project May Provisions which focuses on continental and traditional style beers, which we taste and discuss on the podcast with founder and head brewer, Jimmy Hatherley.

We chat about the four different collaboration beers made with Duration, Howling Hops and Verdant to mark the occasion, their side brand May Provisions, Small Breweries’ Relief; we also touch upon various technical brewing topics such as water profiles and hops; and we get on our soapbox about growth and capitalism.

For those familiar with the show, the conversation is a little more free flowing than perhaps you may be used to listening to this podcast (The Imperial Stout is to blame!). Either way, Jimmy is a cracking guy and smashing out some fantastic beers, and we highly encourage you to seek them out from your local bottle shop or by visiting their online store at unitybrewingco.com

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