How to Prod a Brewery Pushing the Boundaries with Every Beer, featuring Vault City Brewing

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Edinburgh’s Vault City Brewing have earned a reputation in a short time as one of Britain’s most well-respected, sought after breweries.  Bucking the hazy producing trend, Vault City focus solely on Modern Sour Beers.

With flavours such as Guava Banana Banoffee Toffee Smoothie, Apple Cherry Cinnamon Swirl and Strawberry & Lime Session Sour, Vault City have captured the heart and imagination of craft beer drinkers with their off-the-wall flavour combinations.

Sour beers have increased ever more in popularity since the 2010’s, to the point now where they are mainstream enough to be stocked by national grocery stores.  Brands such as North Brewing Co, BrewDog and Vocation here in the UK all have a variety of sour beers on the shelves.

It was the placement of Edinburgh’s Vault City, though – a brewery that solely focuses on modern sour beers – that caused a bit of a stir recently when they were listed in one Britain’s biggest supermarket chains.
For some, this was a huge step forward for modern sour beers, while for others, another example of supermarkets attacking craft beer.  This is one of the many topics I discuss in this week’s episode with Steven Smith-Hay, co-founder of Vault City.
It’s not hard to see why craft beer veterans love them so much and why people who may not necessarily be into traditional beer styles – dominated by bitterness – may enjoy a glass or two of Vault City’s sour beers.
Me and Steve chat at length about the brewery, the challenges they’ve faced – especially in their cuckoo brewing days using lactobacillus in another host brewery – and what the future holds for this contemporary brewery pushing the boundaries of modern beer.

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