Why Branding is Pivotal to Your Brewery and Beer Business LIVE at SIBA North & East Regional Meet-Up with Nick Law

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Why is good branding pivotal to your beer business?  Surely if the beer is good and the labels look great, you’re on to a winner, right?

Many people misunderstand branding for the visual elements that promote a business’s activities.  Although the visual brand elements is a key factor in how you get your message across to potential drinkers, it really only is the tip of the iceberg.

Recorded live at the January SIBA North & East Region meeting at Rooster’s Tap Room in Harrogate, Hop Forward’s Creative Director and podcast host – Nick Law – gave a presentation on why he thinks great beer needs both a great brand and a great business to back it up.

To accompany this episode, download the brand audit sheet, and contact us if you would like help with your branding, marketing or beer business activities.