We make your beer look as good as it tastes and We help you brew up a better business

About Us

We are craft beer specialists offering branding, marketing and business development for breweries and the beer industry, from grain to glass.

Working with brewers, operators, retailers and supply chain businesses, we are as passionate about branding, marketing and commercial development as you are about beer.

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes but they all have one common objective: branding that reflects their core values, marketing that communicates their vision, and a commercial strategy that hop rockets their business to success.

We sit the sweet spot that many other design and marketing agencies or business consultants: we specialise in craft beer and have collectively worked in the beverage industry for many years.

As creative and commercial collaborators, we take a 'whole brewhouse' approach to working with our clients.  This means digging out the proverbial mash tun of your business, cleaning up your metaphorical brewhouse and to help you have branding that reflects who you truly are, marketing that is on point and a business that functions well and generates profit.

We are a personable team of beer and beverage specialists with a variety of skills to help transform your beer business and hop rocket your way to success.

Why choose Hop Forward?


We're specialists

Not only are we creatively minded but we specialise in all things craft beer.  We understand the specific needs of breweries, their suppliers and the operators who sell their beer, products and services to the consumer.

we're experienced

We're carry with us over two decades of branding, design, marketing and commercial experience.  In addition to these skills, we've worked in and with breweries and the hospitality industry and understand the problems brewers, suppliers and hospitality venues face when it comes to branding, marketing and sales.

we're personable

We're not a faceless brand: we're actual human beings.  That means your brand is in good hands.  We understand our clients and work alongside them to draw the best out of their businesses.  However, we're also not afraid to say it like it is and give hard truths sometimes, in the interests of personal and business development.


Meet our BREWERY AND BEER EXPERT who will help you hop rocket your way to success:

Nick Law

Brand & Marketing Expert
Brand Development · Marketing Strategist · Brewery Consultant · Beer Judge · Public Speaker
Having started as a graphic designer in the late 90's, Nick has worked on developing and marketing brands in both the music and beer industries through a wide variety of projects and roles.  In 2016, Nick joined The Sheffield Brewery Company as Head Brewer and Brewery Manager before launching Hop Forward with a view to helping breweries develop their beers, brands and businesses.  Nick specialises in branding and design, marketing, PR, social media and content creation.  He is also the founder of the Hop Forward Podcast.


We're here to help you grow your beer business in a profitable and sustainable way. With experience in brand building, marketing and design, business development, and commercial brewing, we can work with you in the following areas:

Brand Development

We offer full branding services for the entire brewing supply chain to make your beers look as good as they taste.

Marketing Strategy

We provide consultancy and work with beer business to implement marketing and social media strategies to help you grow.

Commercial Success

We offer consultancy breweries looking to grow their business, generate more sales and develop their beer and offerings.


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