40 Years Championing Independent Beer in the UK

with Ian Fozard from Rooster's Brewery and National Chairman of SIBA

Season 1


Episode 61

This month, the Society of Independent Brewers Association – SIBA – celebrates its 40 year of championing independent beer in the UK.

SIBA has achieved some monumental things, including lobbying for SBR (Small Brewers Relief), helping independent brewers sell their beers into PubCos through Beerflex, and gathering beer professionals from all corners of the industry for Britain’s largest brewery trade show – Beer X.

SIBA have not been without their troubles over the last 40 years, receiving their fare share of flack when purchasing a major stake in beer supplier the Flying Firkin, as well as grumblings from members and former members over the ABV branding pricing structure when selling to estates such as Greene King and Admiral Inns.

A New Hope

However, optimism is on the rise in the relatively newly appointed Chief Executive – James Calder – who has taken a much needed hands on approach with its members, bringing a breath of fresh air to many of its members.

It’s been a road of ups and downs for the Voice of British Brewing. Considering the length of time the body has been established in contract to the US equivalent, the Brewers Association, though SIBA does not have the same level of resources at its disposal, the membership and supplier associates club together in regional meetings to offer advice, debate and comradery.

Baby-Faced Assassins

So, this week, on the Hop Forward Podcast, we are joining the festivities and wishing SIBA a Hoppy Birthday, bringing an interview with Rooster’s Brewery owner and National Chairman, Ian Fozard.

Ian has an extensive history in the beer industry. He has run various pubs and a large brewery and taproom based on the outskirts of Harrogate. In this episode, we discuss many of the issues SIBA members face on an everyday basis. Issues such as beer duty, pricing, running a business, developing a brand, and making beer!

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