Alcohol Free Beers

with Rob Fink [Founders & CEO of Big Drop Brewing Co]

Season 1


Episode 77

In this week’s episode of the Hop Forward Podcast, we catch up with founder and CEO of Big Drop Brewing Co: an award winning craft brewery that exclusively makes low alcohol beers, under 0.5% ABV.

Former lawyer, Rob Fink, who – on the pursuit of being the 21st century dad – laid aside lunchtime pints and sought an alternative, started the brewery with his former school friend James Kindred – an acclaimed designer – after quickly discovering that they couldn’t find a good craft beer that contained no alcohol.

Avid listeners to the Hop Forward Podcast will remember Episode 3, where we interviewed Head Brewer Jonny Clayton, not long after the brewery had established itself.

This episode takes a deep dive into the backstory behind Big Drop and looks at what lays ahead for the award winning brewery.

Brewery Shoutout

This week’s shoutout goes to our good friends over at Triple Point Brewing in Sheffield.

Make sure you check out their New World Tripel, alongside their fantastic lagers and various other beers.  Visit their online shop and enjoy FREE DELIVERY on orders of £50 using the code OVER50


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