Can British Hops Really Create an Incredible IPA…?

with Charles Faram's Will Rogers

Season 4


Episode 144

On the Hop Forward Podcast this week, we ask the question, ‘Can British Hops Really Create an Incredible IPA?’ to Will Rogers, technical director for hop merchant, Charles Faram.

To answer this question, we partnered with Charles Faram to brew one for ourselves using hops from Charles Faram’s hop breeding programme, making use of hops such as Harlequin, Jester, Olicana, Godiva, Mystic and their most recent edition Most, we attempted to push the boundaries of what hops to our native soil can really do in a modern IPA.

The result…? England’s Green and Pleasant Land is an all British Hopped IPA (6.1%), brewed in collaboration with Charles Faram and Emmanuales, which showcases how beautifully divine and delightfully hoppy IPAs can come out of England’s Green and Pleasant Land.

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