Building a Brand with the ‘Bee Man’

Talking to Jason Winter from Bumble Beer

Season 1


Episode 26

This week, on the Hop Forward Podcast, we talk to a businessman who is going after the macro-brands with his eco-friendly, vegan lager, Bumble Beer.

Jason Winter is the entrepreneur behind Bumble Beer: a premium, pilsner-style craft lager that is fully vegan on a mission to save our nation’s bees, provided sustainability within the entire supply chain for both his brand and other brewers to build upon, and promote eco-conscious causes.

At the heart of Bumble Beer are a set of founding principle that all brewers and people in the business of beer could learn from.

Jason shares his experiences as a marketer and brand builder on contract brewing, generating press, bringing his product to market and the securing sales, without being able to brew himself. For more information visit

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