How to Make a Sustainable Beer

DEYA Brewing Company's Mission to Reduce their Carbon Footprint

Season 2


Episode 105

Sustainability and ethics are not only becoming a part of brewery life but are starting to come to the forefront for the modern beer business.

One brewery who are serious about working out their CO2 emissions and make a real life difference is Cheltenham’s DEYA Brewing Company.

DEYA have become synonymous with their flagship beer, Steady Rolling Man: a soft, opaque New England style Pale Ale that is like drinking a cloud made of tropical fruits.

Theo Frayne, a brewer who studied a Masters of Brewing and Distilling at Heriot Watt and then completed internships at both Odell Brewing Co. in Colorado and Cotswold Brewery, closer to home, took a leaf out of breweries such as Sierra Nevada’s book and focused on perfecting one beer, dialing in the recipe until it was perfect.

And it is perfect: a modern classic on every level.

It’s little wonder why DEYA have attracted so much attention and affection in the world of beer through that beer alone, not to mention the other fantastic DIPAs, IPAs and other styles to come from their 40HL brewery.

For anyone who has conversed with Theo himself, you’ll understand how and why DEYA have achieved the success they have in a relatively short space of time.  He is a switched on, intelligent guy who has a deep understanding of both the brewing process and the practical aspects of running a business.


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Support for this episode proudly comes from Muntons plc.

Muntons is a UK manufacturer and global supplier of world class malts and malted ingredients.

As the greenest maltster in the world, sustainability lies at the heart of Muntons and is proud to boast the claim of manufacturing 100% sustainable malt. Muntons trustworthy data can support its customers’ raw material credentials by helping to map their carbon impact and look at potential mitigation options.

Over the past 10 years, Muntons has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 24% per tonne of produce and has become the only maltster in the world to sign up to have set a science-based target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45% from 2010 to 2025.

In 2020 Muntons completed the installation of a Bio Mass plant at its Bridlington Maltings and is currently building one at the Stowmarket Maltings in Suffolk.

Sustainable brewing begins with Muntons.  For more information, contact the Muntons team by emailing or visit

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