Infinite Reflections on Scaling a Brewery

The Journey of Double Barrelled Brewery

Season 3


Episode 135

This week, we’re joined by Reading’s Double Barrelled Brewery co-founder Luci Clayton-Jones to share her reflections on scaling a brewery from a 120L nano-setup in her and her husband’s garage to a 24HL brewhouse with a taproom.

We discuss the reality of running a brewery business and some of the naivety that comes with inexperience when you’re fresh to the industry, as many of us were when we started.  And while neither Luci or I wanted our discussion to come across as negative (that definitely wasn’t our intent), the reality of running a brewing business with a taproom is far different from what people imagine.

In this penultimate episode, we hope we encourage you on your brewing journey, wherever you’re at, to look at what you actually want from your business.

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