Brewing with Heritage Malt

Technical Tips from Crisp Malting Group and The Cheshire Brewhouse

Season 3


Episode 125

Working with agronomists, biologists, local farmers, Crisp Malting Group have been at the forefront of resurrecting heritage varieties of barley for craft brewers and distillers across the globe.

Varieties such as Chevallier, Plumage Archer, Hana and Maris Otter – the define the past 200 years of brewing history.  But what do they taste like?  And in today’s world of hazy, hop-forward IPAs and fruited sours, can we really tell one malt variety from another underneath all those hop flowers and that tart acidity of lactobacillus?

In this episode of the Hop Forward Podcast, not only do we talk to Crisp Malting Group’s Dave Griggs and Carl Heron about getting the best out of varieties such as Chevallier, but we hear from The Cheshire Brewhouse’s Shane Swindells, the brewer behind the award winning Govinda making use of the aforementioned varieties.

Shane very kindly sent us a vintage bottle of Govinda from 2014 to crack open live and explore the taste live on the podcast.

For more info on Crisp’s range of heritage malts visit and to purchase Govinda or Gibraltar Porter from The Cheshire Brewhouse, head over to

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