Life in Lockdown

with Pressure Drop, Round Corner Brewing and many more!

Season 1


Episode 64

How do we make sense of a world suffering a health pandemic and economic recession?  Will the beer industry ever recover from this?  What will happen to my business, my job, my family, my income…?

These are the kinds of questions we find ourselves asking at the moment during these unprecedented times.

I’m sure you’re probably sick of having your pint glass filled daily with the latest COVID19 news cycle, but it is impossible to escape the questions that haunt each one of us on both a global and personal level. The ramifications are huge!

I’ve been pondering the balance to strike with the Hop Forward Podcast.  Should I persist in covering the pandemic through the lens of the beer industry (or bottom of a pint glass) or plough on as normal, delivering the great content I’d amassed before all this happened? The answer is both.

So, while I’ll be giving space to many of the stories and discussions that took place before the coronavirus outbreak in the coming weeks, I wanted to turn over the podcast to some of our listeners to share – in their own words – the challenges and the positives that are coming out of the current climate for their business and the wider industry.

In this episode, we explore the supply chain, speaking to brewers, bar and bottle shop owners, and suppliers, to get a flavour, perspective and overview of what is happening out there whilst we’re all in isolation.

Today’s show features Karl Morris from Oasthouse Engineering; Sienna O’Rouke from Pressure Drop, Columba Cryan from Round Corner Brewing; Ricardo Cacildo from Cerveja D’os Diabos; Marie Selnes from Taproom Social; and Dave Hayward from A Hoppy Place.

I hope this gives you some encouragement in your situation.

Our brewery shoutouts this week go to Ride Brew Co, Utopian Brewing and Redchurch Brewery. Make sure you check them out and listen to the show for discount codes on their delicious beers!

How to survive the COVID19 outbreak


Have a nice cold pint and wait for all this to blow over…

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