Looking Into the Abyss

with Julie O'Grady from Neptune Brewery

Season 2


Episode 101

Since 2015, Neptune Brewery have been brewing both traditional and modern quality beers.  In keeping with the brewery’s name – that, as you’ll hear was birthed from their parent business – the majority of their lucious beers are given water-themed names deriving from fish, the sea, and mythological creatures.

Neptune Brewery are well known, highly respected and fondly regarded around these parts on more than account of their beer.

Julie O’Grady and husband Les were keen homebrewers who took it pro and have gained a dedicated following since.  Julie has also been pivotal in a group of women called Ladies that Beer; an inclusive, open group for beer loving women who like drinking and learning about beer in beer and beyond.

I’ve been keen to get Julie on the podcast for some time to talk about their brewing journey and the various challenges that keep them on their toes day in, day out.

In this episode, we talk about everything from the history of the brewery right through to when to (and when not to) dump beer, and just about everything in between.


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