Ric Womersley is Raising Awareness One Beer at a Time

at Spotlight Brewing Co

Season 1


Episode 35

Ric Womersley runs a social enterprise with the aim of raising awareness about learning difficulties one beer at a time.

Spotlight Brewing, based on the outskirts of Snaith, aims to produce top class beers along with providing a tailored workplace for people with learning disabilities; all while trying to educate and raise awareness surrounding disabilities.

Running a social enterprise comes with its challenges though, especially when producing beer. Ric has to keep an eye on the team and on the beer, working at a different pace to many of his contemporaries. His enthusiasm and love for the people in his care are evident has he draws alongside people, offering engagement and teach them skills in the brewing industry.

Nick and Ric discuss the first year of Spotlight Brewing, and the future of the beer industry in general on a warm Monday afternoon in Nick’s new favourite pub: The Crown Inn.

Visit http://spotlightbrewing.co.uk to find out more about the brewery.


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