A Sheep in Wolf’s Cothing

Matty Dixon, founder of SiWC

Season 3


Episode 122

Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing (abbreviated as SiWC) started life in 2020 with an ambition  to become a leading brewery specialising in the production of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beers and to open a series of accessible, inclusive pubs, which reflect the communities they serve.

Long term, they are committed to proactively employing people from disadvantaged groups and those underrepresented in the workforce today, wanting to run a successful company that ensures they give back to their customer communities – being a “local” pub in every sense of the word.

In this episode, we chat to founder, Matty Dixon, a former chemical engineer and rugby player turned entrepreneur.  Matty attended the London School of Business before taking part in AB InBev’s graduate scheme, after which, he and his scientific friend – John Chadwick – turned their hand to creating beers between 0.5% and 5% using a variety of initiative methods to bring massive flavours to little beers.

Not only is Matty engaging, witty and evidently has a the entrepreneurial spirit; he openly talks about his ongoing battle with depression – something which saw him take to the stage of London’s TedX conference in 2019 to share his personal experiences of living with depression and why he believes talking about it is crucial to management of the state. Matty believes that the condition is misunderstood and as such is not treated as well as it could be within society, something that flows over into his business and how he operates with his team.


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