Tales from the Wilderness

Farmhouse Brewing & Blending in the middle of Wales with Wilderness Brewery

Season 5


Episode 168

Situated in rural mid-Wales, Wilderness Brewery are a small team dedicated to creating and ageing interesting farmhouse-style beers.  Wilderness Brewery was founded by head brewer James in 2017.  Having worked for Howling Hops in the heart of London for several years, James and the family moved to the countryside for a slower pace of life.

This attitude is reflected in their beers.  Wilderness Brewery predominantly focuses on making wild beers, co-ferments, barrel-ageing and mixed-fermentation beers.  ‘We don’t rush into things, we like to let nature do the talking’ says James, the brewery’s founder.

Joining James to bring their marketing expertise is Helen Smith.  Helen is also the founder of the Burum Collective, an organisation that is volunteer-led, created by hospitality workers, with a focus on education, improving industry-wide workplace practices, and developing and fostering a safer, more inclusive environment on both sides of the bar.

Helen works part-time with James and brings their expertise to help spread the word about some of the finest wild and mixed-fermentation beers you’ll ever try.

In this episode, we discuss everything from James’ moving to the countryside to set up the brewery, how they operate as a team, brew, blend and package their beers, through to the four pillars that guide their business ethos: transparency, supporting charitable causes, being eco-friendly and creating equality in the workplace.

Find out more about the brewery and buy their beers from www.wildernessbrew.co.uk

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