Lager Drinkers Demand Rights with Will Evans from Manchester Union Brewery


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Nestled in a railway arch down in Ardwick, Manchester, is a brewery doing things differently to its next door neighbours.

Within a stone’s throw of Wander Beyond, Alphabet Brewing Company and Track Brew Co – and a mere walk from Cloudwater – Manchester Union Brewery are not turning out big juicy DIPAs or thick luscious imperial stouts, but have turned to traditional central European lager brewing techniques with a modern local twist to create a unique legacy beer that the people of Manchester can be proud to call their own.


Talking to Will Evans – an employee of Cave Direct in the North and one of the four directors of Manchester Union Brewery – we discuss some of the challenges Will and his business partners have faced in running a lager brewery, including being muscled off taps by multinationals, fermentation times vs. cash flow, and running a tap room bar next to some of the UK’s hottest craft breweries.

Although we didn’t record sampling the lagers themselves, they were utterly sublime!

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