Life on Mars With Dann Paquette from The Brewery of Saint Mars of the Desert

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Our interview with a new microbrewery has a unique and interesting background…

Husband and wife duo – Dann and Martha Paquette – set up The Brewery of Saint Mars of the Desert (Beers of SMOD, for short) after their last venture, Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project, came to an end.

Scouring various locations across the UK, Europe and America, Dann and Martha set up shop in an unlikely location in the UK’s cask beer capital: Sheffield.

Having had over 25 years of experience within the industry across continents, Dann shares the good, the bad and the ugly of craft beer, discusses the differences between beer culture in the UK and USA, and gives us his insights on the future of craft beer.

And Nick gives his reflections on the Fullers Asahi Europe buyout.

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