Low Alcohol Beers with Big Drop Brewing Co. Interview with Johnny Clayton

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It is widely reported that Millennial’s and Gen Z are drinking less alcohol than previous generations.

“Twenty years of anti-drug, anti-smoking and anti-alcohol education has done its job: it is no longer ‘uncool’ to not drink or take drugs,” Berenberg analysts wrote in a beverage-industry report published in September.

As a result, there has been as rising trend in non-alcoholic and low alcohol beers of which Big Drop Brewing Co. are at the forefront of.

Other such brewers, such as Nirvana Brewery, Infinite Session, and Brew Dog have managed to develop flavourful alternatives to the nations most loved beverage… only minus the alcohol.

Around this time last year, we interviewed Johnny Clayton – formally of Wild Beer Co. – to talk about Big Drop Brewing Co. It’s only taken us 12 months to get around to launching this podcast, but we’re glad we finally did!

Check out https://hopforward.beers and https://www.bigdropbrew.com/ for more info on today’s episode.