Making Moonshine with Dan Baxter & Laura Rangeley Abbeydale Brewery, Sheffield, UK

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Abbeydale Brewery have been around the block and then some! Founded by Patrick Morton and with his father Hugh in 1996, they quickly carved out a reputation for themselves in Sheffield and beyond by brewing traditional cask beers such as the award winning ‘Moonshine’, ‘Daily Bread’ and ‘Absolution’.

Over the last three years, Abbeydale Brewery have grown substantially, re-establishing themselves in the market with their Emporium range and barrel-ageing and souring project, the Funk Dungeon.

In this week’s episode, we talk to Sales Director, Dan Baxter, and Head of Marketing, Laura Rangeley, about what makes Abbeydale so successful, how they managed to shake off some of the old perceptions surrounding ‘traditional ales’ vs ‘craft beer’ and talk about what lays ahead for this fledgeling brewery.