Will the Deposit Return Scheme wreak havoc for UK breweries…? with SIBA's Barry Watts

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There’s no doubt that the introduction of the Deposit Return Scheme will cause unnecessary disruption to beverage producers here in the United Kingdom.  But how much havoc will this ill-thought-out scheme actually have on its micro-brewers?

Coming hot on the heels of a pandemic, an economic and energy crisis, historic changes to how alcohol tax is calculated and a war that has had a major impact on the supply chain, the Deposit Return Scheme could be viewed as yet another nail in the coffin for brewers struggling to stay alive.

On the Hop Forward Podcast this week, we talk to Barry Watts – Head of Public Affairs at SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers Association) about what can only be described as a ‘slow train crash hurtling down the tracks’.

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