Blue Christmas

A Taste of Tradition with Bradfield Brewery

Season 1


Episode 52

After seeing a decline in milk sales from local customers and being hit hard by supermarket pricing, the Sheffield born and bred Gill family looked for an alternative to dairy farming, including furniture making. In an epiphany moment, they decided to take their love of beer, sell their cattle and, in 2005, with help of government funding, start Bradfield Brewery.

Since then, Bradfield Brewery has become a much loved institution both in Sheffield and regions reaching up the North coast and down into the heart of the midlands.

Their beers may not be dry hopped within an inch of their life, you can guarantee that you’ll be served a crystal clear pint of traditional cask ale with a thick creamy head that displays beautiful lacing all the way down the glass; as appealing to the eye as it is to the pallet when you return for a third of fourth pint.

Around the festive season every year, Belgium Blue – a traditional bitter infused with elderberries – has become one of Sheffield’s most consumed beers. Deliciously velvety in colour with a slight residual sweetness balanced beautifully with fruity tartness, the beer – named after a breed of cow – is now one of the hallmarks to kick start the festive season.

And while their beers may not appeal to the Untappd massive, they’ve won countless awards over the years and continue to dominate tap handles in both metropolitan and country pubs.

We recently caught up with Jon Gill and Jackie Helliwell from the brewery to talk all about what makes the taste of tradition a success in today’s beer market.


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