The Future of British Beer

Looking Ahead with Jonny Garrett

Season 1


Episode 53

The future of British beer! Who would have thought juicy hop bombs, Pastry Stouts and hazy beers would be the beers of choice in the modern era.

As an industry we’ve come a long way over the past 10 years. But at the start of a new decade, there’s no denying that British beer has a tough job ahead of it.

Whereas many of the slogans and marketing phrases that small, independent brewers used to pride themselves are now, sadly, meaningless; and as consumer demand for newer, bolder, wilder and more extreme beers only increases, solely relying on brewing a ‘great product’ and ‘letting the beer talk for itself’ simply won’t cut the mustard anymore.

This week, we’re joined by beer writer and host of the Craft Beer Channel, Jonny Garrett, to discuss what lies in store for the future of British beer as we head in the roaring 20’s.

Nick and Jonny talk about everything from GMO yeasts, the implications of Brexit, which brewers will be vulnerable to the market changes, and why marketing will be more important than ever for brewers looking to distinguish themselves in an ever crowded landscape.


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