Beers that Belong to the Land

with Duration Brewing

Season 1


Episode 95

There are countless stories of brewers, cider and wine makers across the world who have abandoned city life and the smell of smog for the countryside and the aroma of freshly malted barley and green hops.

One such couple to take such a bold step are Miranda Hudson and Derek Bates, founders of Duration Brewing.

Leaving a brewing post at Brew by Numbers and architects in London respectively, Bates and Miranda covered a majestic site in West Acre, Norfolk, rooted amongst the ruins of the 12 century priory.

Duration is nestled in ancient woodlands midway along the Nar Valley Pilgrim Trail. In the ruins of an old priory and by the banks of a chalk river, with seasonal camping and a variety of accommodation close by.

Having worked tirelessly on planning applications to convert a 16th century barn on a site that holds the same Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas protection as Stonehenge was a massive undertaking in and of itself, let alone the conversion and construction of the site from a derelict ruin to brewhouse containing a near-fully automated German brewhouse and all mod-cons while retaining its charm and character.

Fortune favours the brave and Bates and Miranda brewed their first beer on 23rd October 2019.

Beers such as the piney West Coast IPA, Remember When the Pub, and the juicy, soft, tropical APA called Turtles All The Way Down are a shining example of the quality that craft beer geeks and local residents alike could look forward to for many years to come.

The future was looking bright.

Then, Covid-19 would plunge the brewery into uncertainty. Times like this really are make or break for people, especially those who have put their heart and their soul and much on the line to accomplish their goals and see their vision fulfilled.

In this recent conversation with Miranda, you’ll hear in detail about the challenges she and Bates have experienced over the years of putting together Duration. We discuss their story, their ethos, and share some experiences of pre and post covid times, while looking to a promising future and remaining thankful, regardless of the current circumstances.

Perhaps things may not have transpired for Duration as they’d originally planned, but the best laid plans of mice and men can’t keep Miranda and Bates from doing it anyway…!


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