Summoning up the Number of the Feast

with Leviathan Brewing

Season 1


Episode 96

Chris Hodgetts, founder of Levithan Brewing, worked in management consultancy for almost 20 years, often spending large portions of time away from home. As an avid beer lover, it was only after being diagnosed with cancer in 2017 that Chris decided to do something that would enable him to be at home with his family each night – brewing.

Although Chris was given the all clear, in June 2018 he was struck with the bad news that his illness had returned. Still determined to turn his hand to running a commercial brewery around 5 months of successful treatment, Chris pushed on to make his dream a reality, buying a 5BBL brewhouse.

Chris is unapologetic in his passion for music and beer. The look and feel of the labels blurs the lines between craft beer and vinyl artwork.

In our discussion, we talk about everything from setting the brewery up, the challenges of scaling up from homebrew to commercial sized kit, Chris’s season of ill-health and take a deep dive into the world of music and beer, all to the soundtrack of trying and chatting about Chris’s beers.


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