Fruit, Cask, Mead and Everything In Bee-tween

with Grizzly Grains Brewing

Season 5


Episode 163

In Sheffield, a city that boasts several renowned breweries and is arguably the cask-beer capital of the United Kingdom, is there enough space to accommodate another small, independent brewery specialising in cask-produced beer…?  Well, if Grizzly Grains Brewing is anything to go by, then we would certainly argue there is always room for one more!

Sam Bennett, like many brewers, began his brewing journey from home on a nano-system that was generously donated by a fellow brewer in the city. Thus, Grizzly Grains Brewing was born! In this episode, you’ll discover how Sam overcame the hurdles presented by the pandemic, secured a unit, and purchased a 5BBL brewhouse to expand his one-man operation.

Not only is Sam passionate about cask beer (and putting Dark Mild into keg!), but he also keeps bees, makes Mead and brews a variety of Saisons using fruit grown and harvested – where possible – within a few miles of the brewery in Sheffield.

We also talk about sausage rolls.

Stay tuned to the SIBA Business Award-winning Hop Forward Podcast to also find out more from Steve and Mike at Crisp Malting Group, who discuss all things Maris Otter and what the acclaimed malt can do for your beers.

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