Getting Them Through the Door

Julie Rhodes on Sales & Marketing

Season 2


Episode 110

The Disruptive Entrepreneur, Rob Moore, says that  the difference between sales and marketing is, ‘Sales is taking the cash off the customer… marketing is getting them into the shop in the first place!’.

If you were to sit down, right now, and assess your marketing and sales activity, how would you fare?  Are there any areas where you could grow in your marketing activities and testing their effectiveness?

The beer industry has a lot of competition for tap lines, shelf space, social media engagement and, ultimately, customers to purchase your beers.

So, how does a consumer make their purchasing decisions?  How do they know which beers to buy and where to get them from?  How do they know whether the breweries, bars or businesses they’re purchasing from align with their own internal values?

How do we get them into the shop in the first place?

These are the questions we discuss with Julie Rhodes from Not Your Hobby Marketing.

From English pubs to craft beer bars to supplier sales and management, Julie has worn many hats in the beverage world.

You name it, she’s done it – front of house service, finance, marketing, inventory and supply chain management, product orders, national accounts, field sales, large scale special events, social media management, point of sale material creation, distributor management, sales training, mentoring, CRM’s, data management, website creation, product deliveries, and logistics.

She’s sold and marketed beer and cider in various regions throughout the US, giving her diverse insights into sales and marketing for the drinks business as a whole, working with breweries and cideries across the United States.

Julie really is the craft beer unicorn!

For more info check out Not Your Hobby Marketing or get in touch with Hop Forward to see how we can help you with your sales and marketing strategies.


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