Mental Health in Brewing and Beer

with Yeastie Boy Stu McKinley

Season 1


Episode 75

Mental health has long plagued many sectors, but particularly those who choose to talk the path of hospitality.  And – as we discovered from our recent mini-series The Under Beer Belly of #BrewersLife – there are many black dogs on the shoulders of bar staff, brewers and business owners alike.

Throw an unprecedented global pandemic into the mix of a pre-existing storm and who knows what the long term prognosis will be for the well-being of those who choose to make and serve alcohol for living.

Having had several rounds of counselling myself and being fascinated with human physiology, the topic of mental health in my line of professional work has been close to my heart for many years.

I’ve both experienced the effects of mental ill-health and been a front seat spectator of colleagues and friends who have both suffered at the hands of depression, anxiety, and the like over many years. Whenever I’ve heard people speak out on the subject, which – let’s face it – often gets swept under the rug, I’ve said a yes and amen to anyone championing that cause.

One of such people is none other than Stu McKinley from the Yeastie Boys.

Stu is the kind of person you want to work for. Friendly, approachable, down-to-earth, and mindful about mental health, workplace well-being, and cultivating an environment by which you would willingly give above and beyond to.

Stu is also a big advocator of mental health over the years, and in this episode – a discussion we ran out of time for during our last podcasting, which took place on a cold, dark evening within the womb-like taproom belonging to Saint Mars of the Desert – we talk about everything from the coronavirus pandemic and pubs reopening, to mental health, working remotely, and adopting good communication skills.


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