Will Pubs Ever Be The Same Again?

with Adrian Tierney-Jones

Season 1


Episode 74

The Pub: two humble little words in the English dictionary that conjure up memories of friends, near and far, steadfast and forgotten; a phrase that is every bit as warm and inviting as you last remembered it (even if that last experience wasn’t necessarily a good one!); a soundtrack to accompany every moment, ranging from staring space at the rain through the window after a humdrum day at work, to the intense emotions of happiness on a crisp summer’s evening to celebrate a special occasion, the victory of a football team, or ‘just because!’.

As a staple institution of society, the pub has survived multiple world wars, various plagues, economic downturns, and the temperance movement, what pubs and drinking establishments will look like several decades from now may be unrecognisable, even to modern eyes.

As restrictions are eased and our world tries to pick up the pieces shattered by COVID-19, our pubs and other hospitality venues are unlikely to resemble any sense of ‘normality’ for sometime.

So what is in store for pubs?  What considerations and accommodations will we have to make for our favourite pastime and social space?

I recently spoke with journalist and beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones on his reflections as to what pubs may look like going forwards and how the industry is likely to fare as a result of COVID-19 and moving into the next phase of life.

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