Small Breweries’ Relief

Part One: Anspach & Hobday

Season 1


Episode 91

In this week’s episode of the Hop Forward Podcast we talk to Jack Hobday, co-founder of London’s Anspach & Hobday about the proposed beer duty reform and how it will affect small independent craft breweries, hindering growth rather than promoting it.

The first in a two part series looking at SBR, we are on a mission to give an overview of the reforms, presenting arguments from both sides (those in favour and those opposed. While this week’s episode investigates the vantage point from breweries that fall under the 5000HL annual output mark, next week we’ll be talking to Timothy Taylor’s Chief Executive, Tim Dewey, about their stance on SBR and the blog post that cause a stir in the brewing community.

Nick gives a brief history and overview of the beer duty system here in the United Kingdom and samples the Ordinary Best Bitter from the brewery.

If you’re in favour reversing the changes to SBR, then make sure you sign the petition which can be found at and make your voice heard in Whitehall.

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