Small Breweries’ Relief

Part Two: Timothy Taylor's

Season 1


Episode 92

This week on the Hop Forward Podcast we reconnect with Timothy Taylor’s Chief Executive to discuss their stance and statement on the reforms to Small Breweries’ Relief.

When calls to boycott breweries and pull of out of pints ensued like a cascade of beer flowing from a DVP with an open dump valve, many of the breweries who form part of the Small Breweries’ Duty Reform Coalition (SBDRC) scrambled to clarify their position on social media with a variety of statements condemning the lowering of the duty threshold.

Timothy Taylor’s on the other hand didn’t.

In this episode, we look at why Timothy Taylor’s are holding their ground in order, as they put it, to save cask beer from becoming even more commoditised; we talk about how the brewery sits within the tension of being both a member of SIBA while actively disagreeing with SIBA’s position and lobbying government on the reforms, and Tim explains how the they dealt with the backlash of consumers, craft beer fans and brewers across the board.

While I may not agree with the brewery’s position on the issue personally, I want to publicly thank Tim for taking part in the podcast and agreeing to come on the show to have a frank conversation and answer some tough questions.

The purpose of this and last week’s episode was to highlight both perspectives to help facilitate healthy discussion and debate rather than reopen a can of worms. We hope you’ve done that and – if you disagree – please do so in a respectful manner.

Northern Ireland’s Licensing Bill is currently going through the Legislative Assembly and brewers are seeking an amendment to allow them to finally sell their own beer in taprooms as well as off-sales.

All the good bars as well as the most of the breweries in Northern Ireland have grouped together to create The Northern Ireland Brewery and Independent Pub Association, and Hop Forward is joining the fight to raise awareness surrounding the issue.

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Visit to find out how you can stand alongside your fellow brewers and support them during this difficult time.

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