All for that Taste of Taylor’s

with Andy Leman and Tim Dewey from Timothy Taylor's

Season 1


Episode 57

Cast your mind back to the first ever pint of Landlord from West Yorkshire brewery Timothy Taylor’s.

What was it like?

I’m sure there’s not a beer drinker out there who hasn’t experienced the delightful tingle of a cask conditioned pint tingling on the tongue with zety notes, a thick creamy head; the unique taste pulled together from the Knowle Spring well; Simpson’s Golden Promise malt; zesty and grassy notes from Fuggles and Goldings hops; and the a yeast strain that compliments all these flavours with a bready, nutty taste of its own.

First introduced in 1952, the beer has gone on to be Champion Beer of Britain and Brewing Industry International Award winners over 25 times, and that’s just between the 1980’s to date. What makes Landlord so prestigious is their attention to detail and quality assurance; not just in the brewhouse but running throughout the entire business and brand.

To find out more about one of Britain’s most loved and respected family brewers, we sat down with Chief Executive Tim Dewey and Head Brewer Andy Leman to chat about the history of the brewery and Landlord, what makes their brewery process and beers unique, where they see British pubs and cask beer heading over the coming years, and some of the challenges that a brewer such as Timothy Taylor’s face in today’s market.


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