Team Toxic Logo Design

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Team Toxic is the brain child of Gazza Prescott (formely of Hop Craft) and Sue Hayward (formely of Waen Brewing).

Gazza and Sue gave us the brief to create a logo that looked toxic but would still enable them to sell beer.

We fleshed out various ideas around skulls, gas masks and toxic ooze, all drawn into Adobe Illustrator by hand.  The initial concept was to caricature  Gazza Prescott as a skull and Sue Hayward as a toxic, devil hop.  In the end, we adopted a much simpler approach, opting for the hop and text only.

Hop Forward worked on getting our logos ready and we're bloody pleased with them!  There were virtually no changes needed to the initial design, and great to work with.  Super professional and we highly recommend them.

Sue Hayward, Team Toxic Ltd

© 2018 The Team Toxic Ltd.  All brand rights reserved are to The Team Toxic Ltd who have permitted Hop Forward to use the rights in The Team Toxic Ltd designs and trademarks for portfolio purposes only.