Delving into The Cider Hole

with Mike Pomranz

Season 5


Episode 161

This week, we’re taking a departure from beer and diving into the world of cider. Nick shares his personal fascination with cider and his quest to learn more about the fermented beverage.  Joining him is Mike Pomranz, the man behind The Cider Hole in Sheffield and Beer & Food writer, who is on a mission to challenge the negative stereotypes associated with cider, whilst making some fantastic ciders from his unit in Shalesmoor.

With his knowledge and humour, Mike shares his passion for all fermented beverages and the process of making cider using apples from gardens across the Steel City.

Just a heads up, the episode contains some strong language and has some distorted sound levels.  But if you’re ready to learn about the world of cider and challenge your perceptions, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Plus, stick around for a quick update on the upcoming SIBA Beer X event and two seminars you’re not going to want to miss. Don’t miss out!

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